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Cowboy Shooter of the Month

Fisheye shoots at the November, 2019 Congress of Rough Riders Match, held in Naugatuck, CT

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Lefty Shoots Long Range ... High Rock Range


Rio Stag Keeping Score... October 2019


The Reverend Chase Promoting the Sport of Cowboy Action Shooting at Cabala's ... 2010


A Message from Our Founder & President

Snake Eyes Frank Tanner aka Frank Wargo

     The Congress of Rough Riders of Ct. (CORR) started about twenty years ago to promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) in the southern part of Connecticut. At that time the only other CAS venue was in Avon, Ct. at the Metacon Gun Club. Those living in the southern part of the state had a long drive to get to a CAS match. 

   Our President and Founder presented the idea of CAS to the then President of High Rock Shooting Association. They were kind enough and interested enough to give him the go-ahead. Those with an interest in CAS spent many weeks building targets and props. On a cold December day in two inches of snow the first CAS match at High Rock Range took place. We had about eight shooters. Some of those shooters are still with us today. Since that first shoot, what came to be known as CORR has continued to this day. As with any club, we have had our ups and downs over the years. The best part is, we are still going strong. 

   At this time CORR has twenty five active members. Our focus is on new members and advancing the sport of CAS. We do this by offering new shooters that may not have the firearms, leather and clothing required an opportunity to shoot a match using our equipment at no cost to them. What we do ask is that a new shooter observe one match before taking advantage of our offer. Most shooters who do take advantage of this offer come back to shoot with us again. Some have become CORR members that day. We believe shooters should have the opportunity to try something before making a commitment that can be both a time consuming and financial one. CAS may not be for everyone, but maybe it's for you. You won't know until you try it. We have two main rules: SHOOT SAFE and HAVE FUN.


Shooting 19th Century Firearms 1860 thru 1900

We would love to hear from you, or better yet, come to one of our matches.

Congress of Rough Riders of Connecticut

Matches held at High Rock Range, 100 Black Forest Road, Naugatuck, CT 06770

Contact either of these folks for more information Frank Wargo aka Snake Eyes Frank Tanner @ 203-296-9547 or Steve Reinhard aka Sedona Steve @ 203-704-7474

1st Sunday of each month April - December

There are no matches in Janurary, February and March.

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