The Hartford Armnory

owdy! Welcome to the wonderful world of Cowboy Action Shooting. Most of us are members of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). You can find out more about SASS here.

Cowboy Action Shooting is a game with two major rules:

  1. Be safe
  2. Have fun

You can pick up the finer points along the way. We dress up like cowboys and we use cowboy guns: A lever action rifle, a pair of single action revolvers and a shotgun. The general idea is to have guns that were available prior to 1899. There’s more on that at the SASS website. If you are from another CAS club, we’d love to have you come posse up with us.

If you are new to CAS, please come watch, ask questions and we can help get you started in the fastest growing and most fun shooting sport in America. You do not need a complete set of guns and clothes to get started. It’s the “Cowboy Way” to help our new pards. If you need to borrow a gun or a holster, we have extras. We do ask that you not wear the following to our shoots: baseball caps, shorts, short sleeved shirts and tennis shoes. Spectators and participants will need safety glasses and earplugs. We hope to see you down the trail real soon.